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Spirituality at work, what does it mean?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘spirituality’? We’re willing to bet it hasn’t yet been top of the agenda at your team meeting or morning huddle. And we’re here to say that it should be – in fact it should be top of the agenda at your next board meeting too.


Well., first of all we need to look at what spirituality is, and what it isn’t.

For many people, when they hear the word ‘spirituality’ they think instantly of religion. While they can be similar in some aspects, spirituality in the context of work is a little different than you might imagine.

At Kuutch, we see spirituality at work like this:

  • A person’s inner life, what nourishes them, and

  • A sense of meaning and purpose in our work that is ‘bigger than ourselves’

So, just by looking at the definition of spirituality in the context of work, you can begin to see how it has a place at the board room table.

Businesses that encourage their people to find and be their spiritual selves are likely to have more contented, engaged teams. If you can tap in to what’s important to each of your people, and align it to the values of your business and the purpose of your work (collectively and individually), you’re laying the foundations for super-powered performance.

So why does spirituality so often get overlooked at work (and in life)?

Is it because spirituality has not found its place at work? Or perhaps it’s more than that? In our Western cultures we have lost connection, with ourselves, each other, with nature and with the very concept of a ‘higher purpose’.

And yet, in today’s complex world, people are starting to seek out new ideas and conversations about spirituality as we seek to find connection in an increasingly over-connected and yet under-connected world.

Talking about spirituality in the context of values and purpose at work is something we feel passionately about. By embracing spirituality at work., we can help people find that sense of connectedness that we are craving, and to find meaning in our work so we feel purposeful, engaged, and even joyful in our work. Imagine that?

Samantha Tremlin, Founder & Happiness Director at Kuutch

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