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The Kuutch Collective

At Kuutch, we're all about wellbeing—helping people be well to do well. That's why we're more than just a team, we're a family, extending our reach to embrace partners who share our (w)holistic vision. Together, we form the Kuutch Collective, a diverse community dedicated to nurturing wellness and personal transformation.

Our story starts with Samantha Tremlin, the heart behind Kuutch. With a background in senior leadership across various industries, Samantha's journey led her to realise the vital link between personal wellbeing and professional success, spurred on by her own experience with burnout.

Drawing from her expertise in coaching, meditation, and positive psychology, Samantha crafted a global wellness strategy during her time at Dyson, paving the way for Kuutch, a place where wellbeing drives growth, purpose and performance .

At Kuutch, we acknowledge that we're not experts in everything. That's why we partner with specialists who excel in their fields. By working with us, you gain access to a network of expertise, ensuring a comprehensive approach to wellbeing and mental health. From wellbeing, leadership, transformation and coaching, to policies, people development and lunch and learns, our collaborative approach ensures you receive the best support tailored to your needs.

Our mission at Kuutch is clear: to help businesses build cultures that prioritise wellbeing, creating growth and transformation for all. Explore our services and see how we can support you in creating a thriving culture that uplifts every individual, future-proofing your business for success.

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